Real Estate Services

We do not sell real estate nor have participation in any real estate company which makes us a true third party.

Fideicomisos (Real Estate Mexican Trust).

If you want to make our state your home by owning a house or property, the Fideicomiso is the way to go. Along with Title Insurance this is the best way to secure your investment avoiding yourself problems in the future. Services include:


We provide assistance for the initial set up of a Fideicomiso (Mexican Real Estate Trust). Having worked with all banks we can arrange your fideicomiso with the bank that best fits your needs.

Closings take a bit long considering that you must get permission from the federal government to set them up initially. Make plans for 2-3 months to complete the process. After closing your trust must be registered with the municipality, this also requires patience on the part of the buyer. Having the paperwork done properly is well worth the wait.

Buyer will be responsible for the costs associated with the trust and federal acquisition tax (2% of the purchase price). These closing costs can be as much as six percent of the purchase price. The trust fees, your acquisition tax, and the Notario's fees are the majority of your closing costs.


For an existing Fideicomiso, regardless the bank we conduct the transfer of rights to the buyer of Mexican Real Estate.

THE PAPER CHASE© agent will coordinate and oversee the property transfer process and all the necessary paperwork required from the time the purchase offer is signed and accepted until the registered deed is delivered to the buyer.

Closings, Escrow and Buyers Representation

Closings: We provide services related with real estate transactions in order to make it simple, clear, and smooth for our clients. Some of these services include: those related with bank trusts, promissory agreements, title search, private agreements, subdivisions, etc. With all the existing options when acquiring real estate; our commitment is to find the best option for our clients.

Buyers Representation. At the Paper Chase we are specialist in Real Estate Law, we provide consulting and advising for buyers of property in Mexico, title search and neutral depository services, we oversee all aspects of closing process.

Escrow Services: Escrow services per se do not exist in Mexico. A Mexican attorney is a licensed professional regulated by the Mexican government, this could be the best alternative for an escrow and earnest money deposits. Contact us to find out more about this subject.

Beach front Concessions

Mexican government can grant concession rights to use and enjoy certain types of federal zone properties. Acquiring the concession to use the federal land that borders your beach front property is an easy way to increase the value of your land and reduce the risk of someone else coming along and using this land.

Our services:

  • Application to obtain your concession
  • Concession Payments
  • Transfer of rights